Common Room

Common Room

Friendships and informal interactions are crucial for a happy school life. Each section of the school has a Common Room for students where they can relax at break and lunchtimes, with their Divisional Heads at hand.

Dedicated social areas encourage pupils to mix with their peers beyond their tutor groups and classes, learning about one another, their similarities and differences in beliefs, cultures and interests. This enriches their experience and inspires creative thinking and develops understanding and tolerance. Common Rooms also provide a relaxing space in a busy day to chat, play and unwind.

The Common Rooms are comfortably furnished with a variety of games such as table tennis or table football. The Sixth Form Common Room has a vending machine and a music system, and a selection of newspapers is provided. Refreshments are served during break in the Lower and Middle School Common Rooms, while the Sixth Form use the Dining Hall.

Common Rooms are used for other activities such as group work, committee meetings and Lower and Middle School discos. Adjacent to the Lower School Common Room is a small outdoor play area with benches, tables and space for ball games.