School Examination And Promotions

1. The Academic year will be divided into three semesters :

a) First Semester : April to September

b) Second Semester : October to December

c) Third Semester : January to March

2. Absence from one or more subjects involves a loss of marks for those subjects and excludes the pupil's from being reckoned in order or merit or rank in the Examination and from a Prize.

3. Promotions of students from one standard to another will be made on the basis of the three semester conducted during the year.

4. A progress report showing the conduct and application of the pupil and results of the examination is issued after each semester. In the interest of the children, parents are expected to pay attention of these reports and return them with their signature immediately.

5. If admission is granted in any month after April, Charges are payable for the whole session, along with fees and funds.

6. Fees and other charges will have to be paid as long as a Pupil's name in on the rolls.

7. The school reserves the right to modify or enhance the amount of fees and other charges, from time to time.

School Examination And Promotions